Founded in 1992, O’Donnell Communications is a full-service communications consulting firm, dedicated to the success of each of our clients. Our goal is to bring you corporate quality and expertise at freelance rates. Our services include:


Communications: It’s part of our name, so it’s what we do best. We use words the way a great chef uses fresh ingredients — to bring out true flavor and substance without being overbearing. We write for every medium and take pride in tailoring messages that speak to your audience in the right way, with the right tone and with measurable results.


Strategy: To be effective, communications must start with a solid plan and a clear roadmap to reach your goals. We may not be Rand McNally, but we can help you focus on what’s really important and develop marketing and communications strategies that will set you apart in the marketplace.  We even provide comprehensive market research services and we’ve used our project management skills to bring the most daunting initiatives to fruition, on time and on budget.


Creativity: Whether it’s your Web site, a special event or a monthly newsletter, creativity is what will set it apart and make your audiences pay attention. Creativity is also what sets us apart — no off the shelf solutions here.