Our Strategic Marketing work has taken us in many different directions, as the following examples show...

  • Designed and implemented marketing evaluation project for Wyman to

     assist this 100-year-old agency in transitioning from a youth camp to a

     multi-faceted youth development agency. Project included extensive

     interviews with board, staff and clients to ascertain strengths and

     opportunities; research to identify level of market awareness and

     perceptions of agency in the community; analysis of restructuring

     options and proposed initiatives; and development of specific

     recommendations for marketing strategies.

   • Assisted multi-national pharmaceutical company in initial stages of

     building a unique image for itself in the St. Louis area.  Project included

     interviews with civic leaders, email and written surveys, focus groups,

     and coordination with a committee of Pharmacia employees.

   • Consulted with local Red Cross chapter executives to help identify and

     plan for market opportunities to expand elder care programs and


   • Served as chief writer and message coordinator for the Advance St.

     Louis charter reform movement in the City of St. Louis, including

     development of media materials, op-ed pieces, speeches, and video




strategic marketing