When you are understaffed or simply need experienced help to lead your communications or other project, we can help.  Here are a few examples of projects we have successfully managed for clients over the years.

    •    Camp Coca-Cola Ops Manual — Served as chief writer/editor and

          content coordinator during the development of a 1700-page

          operations manual for this national youth development and

          leadership model.

    •    Greater St. Louis Empowerment Zone — Served as chief writer and

          editor for the federal Empowerment Zone application submitted

          jointly by the cities of St. Louis, East St. Louis and Wellston and St.

          Louis County.  The application resulted in a $100 million federal grant

          designation for the region.  

    •     Forest Park Master Plan — Was chief editor of the Forest Park Master


    •    Citi  — Created and handled all logistics for an international seminar to

          teach mortgage banking to Russian economics and housing officials.