We provide complete market research sevrices, including online, telephone and mail surveys, focus groups, intercepts, and environmental scans. Recent projects include:

    •   Annually conduct online surveys of nonprofits, individual donors and grantmakers to

         gauge local trends in philanthropy.

    •   Led research project to assist private secondary school understand and address shifting

        enrollment trends.

   •    Designed and implemented a telephone survey of area residents to gather input on

        proposed ideas for the renovation of a South St. Louis County park.

    •   Developed and conducted an email and telephone survey of 1700 Red Cross

        volunteers to measure their level of satisfaction and interests in ongoing volunteer


    •   Conducted personal interviews, focus groups and mail surveys to gauge the level of

         awareness of Peace Haven, a Christian Science nursing facility, and the services it


    •    Implemented an online and telephone survey of gradautes and withdrawn students

         from a local seminary to ascertain how the school's acadmeic and extra curricular

         programs might be enhanced.



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