We have written hundreds of successful grant applications for nonprofits, schools, government agencies and collaborative initiatives. Examples include:

    •    Federal grant applications to the Departments of Education, Health & Human

         Services, Justice, Labor, Commerce and the EPA.

    •    State applications for YOP and NAP tax credits.

    •    Hundreds of grant proposals to federal, state and private funding sources

         seeking support for programs ranging from education and children's issues to

         senior services, domestic violence prevention and treatment, brownfields

         reclamation, broadband technology enhancements, environmental concerns, and

         much more.

    •    A successful application for a federal Empowerment Zone designation submitted

         jointly by the cities of St. Louis, East St. Louis and Wellston and St. Louis County.

         The application resulted in a $100 million federal grant designation for the region.

    •    $1.8 billion worth of project proposals for economic stimulus funds submitted by

         St. Louis County government.

We also provide extensive grant research and strategy development.

Whether you are seeking local, state, federal or private foundations funds, contact us to learn how we can assist you with your next grant application.



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